Transforming Time: Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart – The Ultimate Telling Time Tool for Fun Education!

We are excited to‌ share our experience⁢ with the Torlam Learning Clock Flip⁤ Chart Colorful Analog & Digital ‌Telling Time Teaching Clock for ⁤Kids. As a first-person ‌plural reviewer, we have had the opportunity ⁤to⁤ test out this educational tool and have found it to be an excellent addition to any learning ⁢environment. With 20 task cards that ‌cover various clock-related questions, this teaching clock is⁤ perfect for math manipulatives, small group practice, or​ homeschool learning. Not only does it ⁢teach children ⁤how to tell time, but it ‌also‍ combines analog and digital formats, helping to ⁤bridge their understanding. The colorful clock ⁢face and moveable hands,⁣ along with the ​bright flip ⁣cards,⁤ make learning time ‍engaging‍ and interactive.⁢ Additionally, the foldable⁤ flat base allows for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for school, homeschooling,⁣ or even as a gift. We highly⁣ recommend the Torlam⁣ Learning Clock Flip Chart for its educational value and versatility.

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Overview of‌ the Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart

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Our⁤ Torlam Learning Clock⁤ Flip ​Chart is an excellent ⁣tool ⁤for teaching kids how to tell time in an‌ engaging and interactive‌ way. This colorful‍ analog and digital ⁢teaching clock comes ‌with a ‌variety of features that make it a must-have for math manipulatives, homeschool learning, and classroom⁣ teaching supplies.

One of the standout‍ features of this flip chart is‍ the ​inclusion of 20 learning clock task cards. These ⁣task cards contain four‍ types of clock-related questions, providing ample opportunity for math curriculum manipulatives, small group⁢ practice, or homeschool learning. With​ these task cards, kids can practice telling time on the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, or in 10-,⁤ 5-, and ⁣1-minute increments.

The clock ⁤face ‌on the flip chart is divided⁢ into‍ four⁣ quarters, each clearly marked​ with ⁤terms like o’clock,⁣ quarter past, half past, and ⁣quarter to. This design makes⁤ it easy for kids to understand and visualize different intervals of time. The ‍moveable⁣ hands on ‌the clock face allow kids to actively ​engage with the‍ concept of time and practice setting the correct‍ time.

Additionally, our learning​ clock flip chart features bright ‍flip cards that represent hours and minutes.‍ These cards further aid in bridging ‍the understanding of⁣ analog and digital time representations. By⁢ combining analog and digital⁢ formats, kids can‌ gain ​a comprehensive understanding of⁤ time and how it is conveyed.

To make learning even more⁤ convenient, this‌ flip ⁢chart is designed with a foldable ⁤flat base. Kids can easily place it on their desks during lessons or fold it up and put it in ⁣their school bags for on-the-go learning. The vibrant colors and engaging design⁣ of the flip chart make it an⁣ ideal choice for preschool, kindergarten,‍ and primary learning⁤ activities.

Overall, our Torlam Learning ‍Clock Flip Chart is a valuable tool for teaching kids how to tell time. Whether used in a classroom setting or for homeschool learning, this ⁢educational toy⁤ provides a‌ fun and​ effective way for children to grasp the concept ⁤of time. Get yours today and unlock ⁤your child’s potential to master time-telling skills!

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Highlighting ‍the Colorful‌ Analog & Digital Telling Time Features

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Our Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart is a‌ fantastic educational tool that combines analog and digital time formats, providing hands-on practice for kids. The‍ left side of the flip chart features a traditional ⁤clock face with moveable hands,​ allowing children to physically manipulate the hands to match the time. On the right ⁢side, there are colorful⁣ flip cards representing hours and‍ minutes,⁤ making it easy‌ for kids to​ associate the numbers with the time displayed ​on the clock⁤ face.

One of the standout features of this flip chart​ is its vibrant ⁢and‌ engaging ⁣design. ⁢The clock ​face is ⁣divided ‍into four quarters, each clearly marked⁤ with terms like “o’clock,” “quarter past,” “half past,” and “quarter⁣ to.”‍ This visual representation helps children grasp the ‍concept of telling time on⁣ the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, as well as⁤ in ​10-,‍ 5-, ⁣and 1-minute increments.

Not only is this flip chart a valuable tool for teaching kids to tell⁣ time, but it also promotes learning through play. The bright and colorful clock face, along with the moveable ⁢hands and ‌flip cards, make learning time an enjoyable experience​ for children. Additionally, the foldable flat base design allows kids to easily place the flip chart on ‌desks or fold it ​up and put it in their school ‍bag, making it convenient for both classroom and homeschool use.

In conclusion, our Torlam Learning Clock Flip‌ Chart is ⁢a ‍must-have resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and‍ parents looking to enhance‌ their children’s time-telling skills in‍ a‍ fun and interactive way. With‌ its combination of analog and digital time⁣ features, along with the included task cards and its versatility as a teaching tool, this ​flip chart is an ideal option for math curriculum manipulatives, small group‌ practice, and preschool to primary learning activities. Don’t miss out on ‍this educational​ toy!⁣ Get it now on Amazon by ‍clicking here.

Insights into the Math‌ Manipulatives and Learning Activities

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Our Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart ⁢is⁢ not⁣ just a regular ‌clock, but ⁣a valuable tool for teaching ​kids how to tell time.‌ Equipped with 20 task cards, this product offers ⁢various ⁣clock-related questions that promote mathematical thinking and ‍problem-solving skills.‌ It is perfect for incorporating into math curriculum manipulatives, engaging small group ⁣practice sessions, or enhancing homeschool learning.

One of the standout⁣ features of⁤ this teaching clock ⁤is⁢ its clear and colorful clock face. Divided into four quarters, it ⁤provides a visual representation of terms like o’clock, quarter past, half past,‌ and quarter to. By using this flip chart, children can easily grasp the concept of telling ⁢time on the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour,⁤ or​ even in 10-, 5-, and​ 1-minute increments. The moveable ‍hands and bright flip cards make learning time interactive and ​fun, helping kids bridge the understanding between analog and digital formats.

In ⁣addition to its educational value, this learning ⁣clock is ​also highly practical. Its foldable flat base ⁤allows kids to⁢ conveniently place it‌ on ‍desks, and when it’s time to pack up, they can simply‍ fold⁤ it ​up and‍ put it ‌in their school bag. This⁣ makes it a great option for homeschool supplies, ‍as well as a must-have⁣ tool in school classrooms, preschools, kindergartens, and ⁢primary learning activities. It serves as an engaging and effective way to combine analog and digital time learning.

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Specific Recommendations for the Torlam Learning ‍Clock Flip Chart

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When using the Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart, we highly recommend taking advantage of the included 20⁢ learning⁢ clock task ⁤cards. These task cards provide a variety of clock-related questions that ‍are perfect for math manipulatives, small group practice, or ⁢homeschool learning. By incorporating ⁣these task cards into‌ your​ lessons, you can enhance your child’s understanding of ​telling time in ‍a fun and interactive way.

Additionally, we ‍suggest utilizing the ⁤split clock face on the flip chart. With clear ​markings for terms like o’clock, quarter past, half past, and quarter to,⁢ this‌ feature allows for easy comprehension of various‍ time increments. Whether⁢ you’re teaching⁣ time on the ‌hour, half-hour,​ quarter-hour, or in 10-, ⁤5-, and 1-minute intervals, the flip chart is a valuable tool. By utilizing this function, your child can develop a solid foundation in telling time.

Furthermore, we love that the Torlam⁤ Learning Clock Flip Chart⁣ encourages ⁢learning through play. The colorful clock face with moveable hands and bright flip cards makes the concept of time engaging and easily understandable. It also helps bridge the understanding between analog and digital time ⁢formats. Additionally, the foldable‌ flat base design allows for flexibility in placement. Kids can⁤ easily place the flip chart on ⁣desks or fold it up to fit into ⁢their school bags. This makes it a versatile and ​portable educational toy.

In conclusion, the Torlam‌ Learning Clock Flip Chart‍ is an ideal option for ‌homeschool supplies and classroom teaching supplies. It ⁢is also suitable for preschool, kindergarten, and primary ​learning activities. With its combination of analog and digital time ​features, ⁣along with the included learning​ clock task cards, this educational toy‌ provides hands-on practice and enhances understanding of time concepts. If⁤ you’re looking for a great gift idea⁣ or simply​ want to enhance your child’s time-telling skills,​ we highly ​recommend the Torlam‍ Learning Clock Flip Chart.​ To purchase⁢ this ‍product, ⁢click here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ​Reviews Analysis

At Torlam, we value the feedback from our customers, and we are thrilled to hear how our Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart⁤ has ‌been received by parents, teachers, and homeschoolers. Here’s a closer look at what ‍customers are saying about our ultimate telling⁢ time tool:

Engaging and‍ Educational

According to one customer, this ⁣learning clock is​ “very fun for kids to fiddle around with.” It provides⁢ an excellent tool for‌ both homeschooling and classrooms. Another customer mentions that ‌the hands-on experience of⁣ using the‌ flip chart helps their child ⁤learn how to tell time​ in a way that is​ both ⁣fun and educational.

Analog and Digital‍ Clocks

Customers appreciate that our flip chart includes both analog and digital clocks.‍ This feature allows children to ‍grasp the⁢ concept of time in different formats, enhancing their ‌understanding. The hands-on approach⁢ combined⁢ with⁢ the inclusion of both types of clocks sets ⁢our product apart.

Durable ​Material

The thick ‌cardboard material used in our‍ flip chart⁢ ensures durability⁢ and easy ‍storage. It can fold flat, making it convenient to store when not in use. However, some customers mentioned⁢ initial difficulties ‍with getting ​the chart to stand up properly,‍ but this issue⁣ resolved itself over time and use.

Tactile Resource for Hands-On Learning

Our flip chart is praised for being a great tactile⁢ resource, catering to hands-on and visual learners. Customers highlight that ⁤the corresponding minutes displayed next ‌to each number on the clock further ⁢aid in⁣ teaching children about time.

Inclusive Learning Approach

Customers appreciate ​that our flip chart covers all aspects of time-telling, including 12-hour and 24-hour military​ time, markers for individual minutes and minutes⁣ by 5’s, ⁢and notations for quarter past, half past, and quarter to, and o’clock. The ‌inclusion ‍of‌ large analog numbers ⁤alongside digital ⁢time helps children learn ‌both methods simultaneously.

<h3.Room for Improvement

While⁤ our⁢ flip⁤ chart offers a comprehensive learning experience, customers⁤ have provided suggestions for improvement.⁤ Some customers wished​ that the ‌clock face and print were larger, making it easier ⁣for children to⁢ read. Additionally, feedback was given regarding the hands of the clock being see-through to ⁢enhance clarity. It was also noted that the‍ clock face ⁤can ​be difficult to decipher at times due to small print⁤ and obscured markings.

Suitable for Different Learners

Many customers mention that our‌ flip chart is a useful tool to accommodate different learning needs. It is⁤ particularly ​valuable for students with⁤ learning disabilities, as it ⁣provides both analog and digital outputs. ⁣The inclusion ⁣of activity cards further enriches⁢ the learning experience.

Minor Setbacks

Some customers mentioned minor‌ setbacks, such as the flip chart not sitting flat on the ‍table. However, they⁣ found a simple⁢ solution by adding some⁤ weight to the bottom ⁤of the chart. Others expressed disappointment with bent metal loops, affecting the flipping mechanism.

We appreciate all the valuable feedback provided ​by our customers.‍ Here at Torlam, we are committed to continuously improving our products⁣ to ensure optimum ⁢customer satisfaction, and ⁢we take all the⁣ suggestions into consideration in order to⁢ provide the best learning ​tools for children. ‌We will⁣ strive to address any​ concerns ​raised in the reviews and continue to offer an engaging and educational experience with our‍ Torlam Learning Clock‌ Flip Chart.

Pros & Cons

Transforming Time: Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart – The Ultimate Telling Time Tool for Fun Education!插图5


1. Includes‌ 20‌ learning clock task cards for hands-on practice and⁢ math manipulatives.
2. Splits the clock face into 4 quarters with ⁢clearly marked terms for easy understanding.
3. Engaging and colorful design with moveable hands and bright flip cards.
4. Foldable flat base for convenient storage and portability.
5. Perfect ‌for various educational settings, including homeschooling and classrooms.
6. Combines analog and digital time formats for comprehensive learning.


  • 1. May not be suitable for ​older students‍ beyond 2nd grade.
  • 2. Task cards‌ may not cover advanced topics​ in telling time.
  • 3. Some users may find the flip chart design too basic or‌ simplistic.
  • 4. Clock hands may‌ be a bit fragile and prone ⁤to breakage with rough handling.


Transforming Time: Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart – The Ultimate Telling Time Tool for Fun Education!插图6
Q: How many task cards are ⁤included with the Torlam Learning​ Clock Flip ⁣Chart?
A: The Torlam Learning Clock Flip ⁣Chart comes with 20 task cards that ⁢contain four types of clock-related questions.

Q: What age group is‍ this product suitable for?
A: This product is suitable for children in 1st ⁤and 2nd grades,⁢ as​ well ⁣as for kindergarten and preschool learning activities.

Q: How does this flip chart⁢ help teach ‌telling time?
A: The⁣ clock face of the flip chart is split‌ into four quarters, with clearly ‍marked terms like o’clock, ​quarter​ past,​ half past, ⁣and quarter to. This makes ​it a great tool for teaching‍ time on the hour, half-hour, ⁢quarter-hour, or in 10-,⁤ 5-, and 1-minute increments.

Q: How‌ does this product encourage learning through play?
A: The Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart features a colorful⁣ clock face‍ with moveable hands and⁣ bright ⁢flip cards. These engaging elements make learning about time ⁢fun and help bridge the understanding ‍between analog and digital‍ time.

Q: Is this product suitable for ⁤homeschooling?
A: Yes, this product is a great⁢ option ‍for homeschooling. ‍It can be used as ⁤a math manipulative, in small group ⁣practice, ‌or‍ as part of the curriculum for teaching time.

Q: Can this ⁢flip chart be easily stored or transported?
A: Absolutely! The Torlam Learning⁤ Clock Flip Chart⁢ is designed with a foldable ‌flat base. ​This makes it easy for⁤ kids to place it on their desks, or fold it‍ up and put​ it in their school bags.

Q: Is this product recommended for classroom teaching supplies?
A:‍ Yes, this flip⁤ chart is an⁤ ideal option⁢ for ⁢classroom ​teaching supplies, especially for preschool, kindergarten, and⁣ primary learning activities.

Q: Can this ‍product be considered as⁣ a gift?
A: Yes, ⁤the ‌Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart makes for a great gift option.‍ Its educational value and engaging ⁣design make ​it an ideal present for children interested in ⁢learning about time.

Embrace a ‍New Era

In conclusion, the Torlam Learning ‌Clock Flip Chart is ‌truly the‍ ultimate telling time tool ⁣for ​fun education! With its ⁤20 learning clock task cards, kids can engage in math manipulatives and small group practice while learning to ⁣tell​ the‌ time. The colorful clock face, moveable hands, and bright flip cards make learning clock easy and engaging through ‍play. Whether it’s teaching​ telling⁢ time on the‍ hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, or in increments of⁢ 10, ⁢5, and ​1‌ minute, this flip chart covers it all.

Not ⁢only is this clock‌ a perfect addition to⁤ homeschool learning, but it also makes an ideal option for classroom teaching supplies and preschool/‍ kindergarten/primary learning activities. ‌The combination of analog and digital time practice ensures a well-rounded understanding of both formats. Plus, the convenient foldable flat base allows kids to easily carry ​this time flip chart in⁢ their school ⁤bags.

Don’t miss out ⁤on this amazing educational toy that ⁤bridges ⁢the gap between analog⁤ and digital time. Get the Torlam Learning Clock Flip Chart now and transform the ‍way your child learns ⁣to tell‍ time!

Click here to get your Torlam Learning Clock⁤ Flip Chart today and make‍ learning time a‌ blast!

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