Escada Ibiza Hippie: A Sweet Floral Escape

Welcome to our review of the “Eau De Parfum Spray 3 oz”! Today, we’re diving into the world of La Rive’s Have Fun perfume, a delightful scent bursting with ‌sweet and⁣ fruity accords. From the moment you ‌spritz it on, you’ll be greeted with a ⁣blend of raspberry, strawberry, apple, black​ currant, and magnolia, creating a deliciously⁤ sweet first impression.⁣ As the scent​ evolves, notes of‌ peony, rose, freesia, and jasmine come into play, adding a ​beautiful bouquet‌ of florals⁢ to the‌ mix. Join⁢ us as we‍ explore our firsthand experience with this captivating fragrance and uncover all ⁤the details​ you need ‍to ⁤know before adding it to your collection.

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When we tried this Eau De Parfum Spray, we ​were ⁢immediately ‌captivated by its ⁤burst of sweet and fruity‌ accords. The ​combination of raspberry, strawberry, apple, black currant, and magnolia in the ⁢top notes creates a delightful first impression that lingers throughout the day. As the ⁢fragrance settles, the heart notes reveal a beautiful ‌bouquet of⁤ florals, including peony, rose, freesia, and⁢ jasmine, ⁣adding a⁣ touch of elegance to ⁣the overall scent.

The sleek design of the bottle adds to the charm of the product, making it a stylish addition ⁣to any fragrance collection. With its long-lasting scent and refreshing notes, this Eau De⁢ Parfum⁣ Spray is ⁣perfect for everyday wear or​ special occasions. Overall, we were impressed by the quality and uniqueness of this perfume,⁢ making ​it a⁢ must-have for anyone looking⁤ to add⁣ a touch⁤ of fun and sophistication ‍to their scent collection.

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Luxurious Design⁣ and Packaging
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When it comes to , La Rive​ Have Fun Eau De Parfum ⁢Spray truly stands out. The elegant bottle design exudes sophistication with its sleek curves and crystal-like cap. The attention to detail is evident ‌in every aspect of the packaging, from the​ embossed‌ logo ​to‌ the intricate patterns adorning the box.⁣ It’s clear that no expense was spared in ‍creating a truly opulent experience for the ⁢user.

Upon receiving ‌the⁤ product, I was immediately impressed by the weight and quality of⁣ the bottle in‍ my hands. ​The rich, ‌vibrant⁢ colors of the packaging added to the overall ​luxurious feel ⁢of the ‍product. It was clear that every element was carefully considered to create a cohesive and visually stunning ⁤presentation. I couldn’t help but ⁣feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as​ I unboxed the perfume, ‌knowing‍ that I was ⁣about ⁢to experience something truly special. If⁤ you’re looking for a ⁣fragrance that​ not only smells amazing but also looks the part,⁤ La​ Rive Have Fun Eau De ​Parfum Spray is sure to impress. ⁣Experience luxury for yourself with La ⁤Rive Have Fun Eau De Parfum Spray‌ at Amazon.Captivating Scent⁣ with Long-Lasting Formula
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Experience a⁣ captivating scent that will leave you feeling confident ‍and glamorous all day long.‍ The‍ Eau De Parfum Spray⁤ 3 oz is a delightful combination of sweet and fruity accords that will enchant⁤ your senses from the very ⁤first spritz. With top notes of raspberry, strawberry, apple, black currant, and magnolia,⁢ this⁢ perfume creates a sweet and uplifting atmosphere that sets the tone ‍for the ⁤day.

The heart notes of peony, rose, freesia, and jasmine add a touch‍ of elegance and ⁢sophistication to the fragrance, ‍making it perfect‍ for any occasion. ⁤Our long-lasting ‌formula ensures that you can ⁣enjoy this captivating scent for hours on end without the need for constant reapplication. Treat‍ yourself to this luxurious perfume and indulge in⁤ a scent that will truly captivate everyone ⁤around you.

Is ‍Discontinued By ​Manufacturer No
Product Dimensions 6.3 x 3.15 x 1.97 ​inches; 11.64 ounces
UPC 798627828564
Manufacturer La Rive

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Recommendations‌ for Different​ Occasions
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For a ⁢casual day out running⁣ errands or meeting friends for ⁢brunch, the Eau De​ Parfum Spray is the perfect​ choice. Its sweet ‌and⁢ fruity accords make it ​a playful ⁢and energetic​ scent that is sure to uplift ‍your‌ mood. The​ top ‍notes of raspberry, strawberry, and black currant create a vibrant and refreshing opening, ‌while the⁤ heart notes of peony, rose, and jasmine add a touch of femininity to the fragrance. This perfume is ideal​ for a carefree ​day where you⁣ want to feel fresh and youthful.

When it comes to ​a special evening event or a romantic‌ date night, opt for ​the Eau De Parfum Spray for⁣ a more sophisticated‌ and alluring scent. The combination ⁣of ‍apple, magnolia, and freesia in the ‍top ⁣and heart notes ⁣creates a luxurious and elegant aura that ​is perfect for ⁣a night out. ⁢This perfume‍ will leave a​ lasting impression and make you ⁢feel ⁣confident and irresistible. Whether it’s a candlelit​ dinner or a night⁢ at the opera, this fragrance is ⁢sure to ‍complement your elegant‌ outfit and make ⁤you stand out in the crowd.

Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews‍ for the Escada⁤ Ibiza Hippie Eau ⁢De Parfum Spray 3 oz, we found a mix of opinions regarding ‌the product. Let’s break‍ it down:

Customer ​Review Pros Cons
This is not only very close to Escada Moon sparkle⁤ but also very ⁣close to Al rebab⁣ Lovely. Its a very sweet‌ fruity, citrusy scent. Young and sexy. I⁣ would love if there was a ​body cream that was​ this ​scent. Similar to ‌high-end perfumes, long-lasting scent N/A
I ⁢really like ‍this scent and it reminds‍ me of‍ the Escada ⁣perfumes. I’m surprised how long the scent‍ lasted on my skin; I spritz 3-4 times around my neck area ⁢and it ⁤lasted over 5-6 hours. It’s totally worth it ⁤for the ‌price! Thanks! Reminiscent of Escada‌ perfumes, long-lasting on the skin N/A
Love itttt.Smells like an Escada Pacific Paradise knock off. Doesn’t last as long as wearing the real thing ‍though. Great scent, affordable price Scent doesn’t⁤ last as ⁤long
Smells amazing. The price reflects the water in this perfume. ‌Does not last Amazing scent Scent doesn’t⁤ last long
I was‌ hesitant to ⁤buy this because⁤ of the price. I though it would be just like every other cheap perfume. Boy was I ‌wrong. I⁤ was actually looking for Escada Moonlight when⁢ this showed up. Fifteen dollars is ⁤better ‍than $80⁢ and after reading ‍a lot of reviews I thought well its only $15. OMG!!!! it⁤ smells‌ exactly like Escada Moonlight. I mean EXACTLY.⁤ It doesn’t last as long but ⁤it could be that I spray so ⁤much of it that I ⁣become desensitized to the smell and just spray more. This perfume makes me⁤ so happy. Smells ⁢kind of like ​a mixture of⁣ grapefruit⁤ and other citrus fruits, which is my thing. Definitely give ‍it a shot you will not be sorry. The shipping was​ fast ⁣with ⁣no issues. Affordable,⁣ similar⁣ to high-end perfume Scent⁤ may not last as long, may need to reapply
For the price I could’ve bought ⁣2 bottles of another ⁢brand that ​I know smells good. It smelled stale and old. You know the smell ‌of​ perfume that’s sat in the​ sun too long? Like that. ‌Was very disappointed. 🙁 N/A Scent may be off-putting ‍to some
Smells wonderful⁤ but doesn’t last long, maybe a few hours. Wish the scent‍ lasted‌ longer, get⁢ many compliments on the beautiful smell of this product. Would definitely give 5 stars on⁢ the smell alone. Beautiful scent, receives compliments Scent doesn’t ⁤last as long as desired
Like.. Smells ⁢great N/A N/A

Overall, the Escada⁤ Ibiza Hippie Eau De Parfum Spray 3 oz seems‌ to have a captivating and sweet ⁤floral scent that​ is reminiscent of high-end perfumes like Escada. While some customers enjoy the scent and find it ‌long-lasting, others find that the fragrance fades quickly. It’s​ important to‌ consider personal⁣ preferences​ and expectations when⁤ purchasing ⁢this product.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Long-lasting fragrance
  2. Sweet and floral scent
  3. Beautiful packaging
  4. Perfect for a summer escape


  1. May be too sweet for some individuals
  2. Expensive compared ‍to other perfumes
  3. Not suitable for those who prefer more subtle scents

Overall Impression

Escada Ibiza Hippie Eau De Parfum‍ Spray 3 oz is a‍ delightful fragrance that captures the ‍essence of⁢ a sweet floral escape. With⁣ its​ long-lasting ‌scent‌ and beautiful ‌packaging, it is the perfect‍ choice for those looking for a summery⁤ perfume. However, it may not ‌be suitable for‌ those who prefer more subtle scents⁢ or ​are looking for a more ⁢affordable option. Overall, we would​ recommend giving it a⁤ try if you enjoy sweet and ⁢floral ​fragrances.

Q&AQ: How long does the scent last?

A: The Eau De Parfum​ Spray 3 oz has a long-lasting ‌scent that can linger​ on the skin for hours.

Q:​ Is this perfume suitable for everyday‌ wear?

A: Yes, the Escada‍ Ibiza Hippie perfume is ⁣perfect for everyday wear, as it ​offers a sweet and floral‌ escape that can brighten up any day.

Q: Can men wear this perfume as well?

A: While this ​perfume‌ is marketed towards women, there ⁢are no rules when it comes to fragrance! If the sweet and fruity accords appeal to you, feel ⁣free to ‍wear it regardless of gender.

Q: Is the packaging of the perfume travel-friendly?

A: The‌ Eau De ‌Parfum Spray 3 oz comes⁣ in a compact and sleek bottle,​ making it convenient to carry around in ⁤your ​purse ‌or luggage ⁢for a quick spritz on the go.

Q: Does the perfume have a strong floral scent?

A: Yes, this perfume‌ opens with top notes of​ raspberry,⁣ strawberry, apple, black currant, and magnolia, followed by heart notes ⁤of peony, rose, freesia, and jasmine,‌ creating a beautiful ⁤floral‌ bouquet. Unleash Your True PotentialAs we come to ‌the ⁢end of our aromatic journey through Escada Ibiza Hippie, we can’t help​ but feel invigorated by its sweet floral escape. La Rive⁢ Have Fun Eau De Parfum‍ Spray 3 ‍oz truly ‍captivates with ​its delightful blend‍ of ‌fruity and floral notes, leaving a ‌lasting impression wherever you go.
If you’re ready to experience this burst of sweetness for yourself, don’t hesitate to click the link below and add this enchanting perfume to your collection.⁢ Trust us, you won’t regret ⁢it!

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