Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet Cover: A Stylish Storage Solution

Welcome‍ to our review of the Whitmor white Clothes Closet ⁢fabric‌ cover, 36″! When it comes to‌ finding ‌the perfect solution for ⁣your clothes storage needs, this stand-alone ‍closet definitely ​delivers. With ⁢its ⁢sturdy heavy-duty zippered‍ front, convenient assembly, and improved ‍features, this closet cover makes organizing ⁣your wardrobe‍ a breeze.

One of the standout features of this product is the durable bungee cord system and sturdier plastic ‍connectors,‍ which make assembly quick and easy. The heavier weight white⁣ polypro cover with added blue trim and a larger clear window allows you to easily view the contents of your closet,⁢ making⁢ it easier to ‍find what‌ you ‍need.

The​ added ⁢wired⁤ support for the 36-inch closet rod means you can ⁣store ‌even more clothes ⁣without worrying ⁤about the closet collapsing under the weight. With ⁢an adjustable⁣ height of up⁣ to ⁢5 ​feet and 4 inches, this closet cover is suitable‍ for a variety of clothing items.

Overall, the Whitmor white Clothes Closet fabric cover, 36″⁤ is a practical and functional solution for your storage ⁣needs. Stay tuned for our in-depth review ⁢where we ⁢will dive deeper into‌ our experience with this product.

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<img ⁣class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/412k02lPYHL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet Cover: ​A Stylish Storage Solution”>

Looking for‌ a perfect solution for your clothes ‌storage needs? Look no further ⁢than⁢ this standout clothes ‌closet!⁢ With a sturdy heavy-duty ‍zippered​ front, convenient access​ is guaranteed. The new bungee cord system and sturdier plastic connectors make assembly a breeze. Plus, the improved design includes added wired support for the 36-Inch closet rod, allowing for more‍ clothes to⁤ be stored.​ The heavier weight white polypro cover features blue trim and a ⁤larger⁣ clear window to easily view the contents inside. Dimensions‌ when⁣ assembled:‌ 19-1/2-Inch W ‍by ​36-Inch L by 64-Inch H.

Adjustable in height up to 5 ft. 4 in, this versatile clothes closet‌ is ⁤a must-have for all your‍ storage ⁢needs. The NEW design gives visual access to clothes stored ‌inside,‌ making it both functional and stylish. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized living with ‍this Whitmor fabric cover clothes closet. ‍Don’t miss out, get yours today ⁣and revolutionize your storage space!

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Impressive Features and Design

<img​ class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/5125BdTFO9L._AC_.jpg” alt=”Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet Cover: A Stylish Storage Solution”>
The Whitmor⁢ clothes closet is a⁢ game-changer for anyone looking to organize their​ wardrobe. The heavy-duty zippered front allows for easy⁤ access, while the sturdy bungee cord system and plastic‍ connectors make ⁢assembly a⁤ breeze. The white‌ polypro cover with blue trim ​and clear window⁢ adds a touch of style to any room while providing a convenient way ‍to view the contents inside. Plus, with added wired support for the 36-inch ​closet​ rod, you can store ​even‌ more clothes without worrying about the⁢ weight.

One‌ of the standout features of this⁢ clothes⁤ closet ​is ⁤its‍ adjustable height, which can​ reach up to 5 feet 4 inches. This versatility makes it perfect for any space,⁢ whether you have ​a​ large walk-in closet or a smaller ‍bedroom. The new design also allows for visual access‌ to the clothes stored⁢ inside, ⁣making it easy to find exactly‍ what you’re‍ looking for.⁤ Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized space with the Whitmor‌ clothes ⁣closet. Order yours today and see ‌the difference it ​can ⁣make! Click here to purchase ⁢now!

Insights ​and ⁣Recommendations

Our experience with⁣ this clothes closet fabric cover has been extremely positive. The sturdy zippered front ‌allows for ⁣easy access, ‌making⁢ getting dressed in the morning a breeze. The improved bungee cord system and sturdier plastic⁤ connectors‍ make assembly‌ a snap, so you ⁢can start using ⁣your new closet in no time.

  • The heavier weight​ white polypro⁢ cover⁣ with blue trim adds a touch‌ of style, and the larger clear window allows you to easily ⁤see what’s inside without having to unzip it.
  • The added ‍wired support for ⁣the 36-inch closet rod ⁤means ​you can store even more clothes without worrying about it collapsing under the weight.

Dimensions Material Adjustable Height
19-1/2″ W x 36″ L x 64″ H White Plastic‌ Cover Up to 5 ft. 4 in

If you’re in need ​of a convenient and⁣ functional clothes storage solution, look​ no further than this Whitmor clothes ‌closet fabric cover. Keep‌ your ⁣wardrobe organized and easily accessible with this versatile ⁤and ​durable closet. Don’t wait, upgrade ‌your storage space today!

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Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

After analyzing​ multiple customer reviews for the Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet fabric‍ cover, we ⁣have compiled‌ a comprehensive breakdown of the overall feedback received from users:

Positive Reviews

Review Pros
This is a neat ​little storage ⁢closet! Easy to⁢ assemble,‍ sturdy, ⁢holds⁤ weight ‍well, stylish design, ⁢ample storage space
Easy puzzle. Can hang lots of items,‍ keeps them⁤ dust free. Looks good Easy assembly, effective dust protection, aesthetically pleasing
Easy to assemble . Sturdy. ‌Holds a lot‍ more than I‍ thought. Perfect size. ⁤The cover makes the space look organized Simple assembly process, durable construction, ‍spacious, enhances organization

Negative Reviews

Review Cons
This⁢ wardrobe could have lasted for years ‍if they would have used ‌durable ​fabric. Fabric quality‍ concerns, cover may wear out prematurely
3 shirts, ‍and ‍a summer dress made this fall over. Don’t waste your money. Instability issues, concerns about durability
These closets don’t last ‍forever, the ⁣plastic bases bend ‌and ‍the‌ supports come out. Longevity concerns, issues‍ with ⁢plastic base

Overall, the majority of users have praised the ‌Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet fabric ⁤cover for ⁣its ease ⁣of assembly, solid ​construction, and effective storage capabilities. However, some⁢ users have raised concerns about​ fabric ​durability and​ potential‍ stability issues.

Based​ on the analysis of customer reviews, we​ would recommend ⁢the Whitmor 36″‍ Clothes‌ Closet for those looking ‍for an⁣ affordable and stylish storage⁢ solution that offers ease of ⁤assembly and adequate⁤ storage space.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Sturdy construction
2. Easy assembly with bungee cord system
3. Improved, sturdier ‍plastic​ connectors
4. Larger⁣ clear ⁣window to view contents
5. Added wired support for closet rod


1. Limited ‍color options ‍(only available in white)
2. May not fit all closet spaces due ​to size limitations
3. Plastic cover may not be as durable as other materials
4. Height may ​not be adjustable⁣ enough for taller individuals
5. Assembly instructions could be clearer


Q: Is‍ the Whitmor⁣ 36″ Clothes Closet Cover easy to assemble?
A: Yes, the⁢ new and ‍improved design of the‌ Whitmor Clothes⁣ Closet Cover uses a durable‍ bungee cord system and ⁤improved plastic connectors, making assembly⁤ easier than ever.

Q: How ⁢much weight can ⁢the Whitmor Clothes Closet Cover hold?
A: The Whitmor Clothes Closet Cover has added wired support for‍ the 36-Inch closet rod, allowing ⁣you to store more⁣ clothes without worrying about overloading the closet.

Q: Is the clear window​ on the closet cover big ‌enough to ‌see inside?
A: Yes,⁣ the Whitmor ⁣Clothes Closet Cover features a larger clear window, providing visual access to the clothes stored inside so you can easily see what’s hanging in your closet⁣ without opening it.

Q: Can ​the Whitmor Clothes ⁤Closet Cover be adjusted to different heights?
A:⁢ Yes, the Whitmor​ Clothes Closet Cover is adjustable in height​ up to⁣ 5 feet 4 inches, so you can customize it to fit your storage needs.

Q: Is the white plastic cover‍ durable?
A: Yes, the Whitmor Clothes ‍Closet Cover is ⁣made⁤ with​ a heavier weight white polypro cover, ensuring durability while also adding ‍a⁢ stylish‍ touch with blue trim.

Transform ⁤Your World

In⁢ conclusion, the⁢ Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet Cover is a stylish ‌and practical storage solution ​for your clothing ⁣needs.⁣ With ‌its sturdy construction, easy assembly, and added features​ like a clear window and adjustable height, this closet cover is sure to keep⁣ your wardrobe organized ‍and accessible.

If you’re looking to upgrade your storage space, click here to purchase the ​Whitmor 36″ Clothes Closet Cover on Amazon and experience⁢ the ‌convenience for yourself: Buy Now!

Thank you for reading our⁣ review! Stay‍ tuned for more product recommendations and reviews. ‌Happy organizing!

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