Unveiling the Secrets of the 2019 CET4 Exam: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis by New Oriental – Our Take

Have you ​been looking for the ultimate ‌resource ​to help you ace the​ English Proficiency Test for College Students (CET4)? Look no further‍ than the 【官方旗舰店】2019年6月上大学英语四级考试历年真题精解! This comprehensive guide, packed with years of past​ exam questions and expert analysis, is a game-changer for anyone⁤ striving to improve their English skills. Join us as⁣ we delve into ⁤our first-hand experience⁤ with this invaluable tool from the New Oriental official website. Let’s unravel​ the‍ mysteries ​of CET4 and‌ unlock your full ‌potential⁢ in ​English proficiency!

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Our team had the opportunity to⁣ dive into the intricacies of ‍the ​2019 June College English⁣ Test Level⁣ 4 (CET-4) with the official flagship store’s comprehensive guide. Published‌ by Group Press in ‍January 2019, this resource is designed to help students excel in the exam with a ⁤deep‍ understanding of the past year’s actual questions. The book is rich in ⁢content, ⁣offering detailed explanations ‍and analysis of the English Level⁢ 4⁣ test papers.

We found that the ISBN-10 ⁢of 7519304736 and the ISBN-13 of 978-7519304737 make it easy to reference and locate this valuable study material. The Language used in ‍this guide is Chinese, which ⁤is ideal ⁢for Chinese-speaking test-takers looking to improve their ​English proficiency. With ‍this‍ invaluable resource, students can sharpen their skills, ‍boost their confidence, and​ enhance their⁣ chances of acing the CET-4 exam. If ⁤you’re ready to⁤ take⁣ your ‍English skills to the⁣ next level, check ⁣out this must-have study tool on Amazon today!

Exciting Features to Look Out For

Unveiling the Secrets of the 2019 CET4 Exam: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis by New Oriental – Our Take插图1

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting features⁢ of this product. One key highlight is the ⁣comprehensive ‌coverage of English four-level exam questions dating back to‌ June 2016. This allows for a deep understanding ​of⁣ the test format and content, giving you a competitive⁤ edge when preparing for the exam.

Additionally, the inclusion of detailed ‍explanations‌ and analysis for each question sets this product ​apart. These insights provide valuable‍ learning opportunities and help improve your English proficiency. With a focus on mastering both traditional and ⁣new question types, this resource is a⁢ valuable tool for anyone looking to excel in the English four-level exam.

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In-Depth Analysis and Insights

Unveiling the Secrets of the 2019 CET4 Exam: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis by New Oriental – Our Take插图2

When ⁢delving into an in-depth analysis of this study⁢ resource, we were pleasantly surprised by the⁤ comprehensive coverage of the English four-level ⁢exam over the years. The explanations provided for each question were detailed ​and insightful, giving‍ us ‍a ⁤deeper understanding of the exam ⁢format ​and the thought process behind each answer. This resource ‌is truly a gem ⁣for anyone preparing ⁣for the English‌ four-level exam, offering a wealth of knowledge ⁢and strategies to boost⁢ their confidence on test day.

One standout ‍feature of this resource is⁤ the inclusion of new question⁣ types, which⁢ are crucial for⁣ staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving​ exam landscape. The breakdown of these new question types was clear ​and easy to​ follow, ⁤making it simple ​for us to ⁤grasp the nuances and develop effective strategies to‍ tackle them. Combined with the convenience of online courses offered by New Oriental, this resource is a must-have for anyone ‍looking to ace‌ the English four-level ​exam with flying⁢ colors.

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Recommendations​ for Success

When ‌it ‌comes ​to preparing for success, having access‌ to past exam papers is essential. ‌This book offers a comprehensive breakdown of the English⁣ Cet4 exams ‍from previous years, providing valuable ​insights and strategies‍ for tackling the test.⁢ The detailed explanations of each ⁢question help​ us understand the reasoning behind the correct answers, allowing us to ‍learn from our mistakes and improve our performance.

Additionally, the⁢ inclusion of new ⁣question types in this year’s edition ensures that we are fully‌ prepared for any challenges ​that may⁢ arise during⁤ the exam.⁢ The online courses​ provided by New Oriental offer interactive learning‍ experiences, further enhancing our understanding of the material. By studying with ‍this resource,​ we can ⁤feel confident and well-prepared on exam ​day. ​Let’s take our preparation to the next​ level and ​ace the Cet4 exam!

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Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After scouring through numerous customer‌ reviews‍ of the 2019 ‍CET4 Exam preparation materials by New Oriental, we are⁣ excited to share our analysis of the feedback we have gathered. Here⁢ are some key takeaways:

Positive Reviews

★★★★★ “The explanations provided‌ for ​the past ​exam papers were incredibly helpful and allowed me to ⁣understand the question types better.”
★★★★ “The online video courses were engaging and⁤ helped ‌me stay motivated while studying for the exam.”

Negative Reviews

“The practice questions⁤ in the workbook ‍were not representative of the actual exam difficulty level, which was disappointing.”
★★ “The⁢ customer service response ​time was slow, and I had trouble getting my queries resolved in a timely ​manner.”

Overall, the majority of customers seemed to find the New Oriental CET4 Exam ‌preparation ‌materials to be effective and⁣ useful in their exam preparation. However, there were some areas for⁢ improvement identified‍ by ‍a few customers. We ‍recommend trying out the materials for yourself to see if they​ align with your study preferences and ⁤needs.

Pros & Cons

Pros &‌ Cons


  1. Comprehensive Coverage:‌ The book provides a thorough analysis of past⁢ CET4 exams, helping students understand the test⁢ format and question types.
  2. Expert⁣ Insights: Written by New Oriental, a leading education company in China, the book offers valuable tips and strategies from experienced teachers.
  3. Interactive Practice: The book ⁢includes online courses to enhance learning and practice, making⁣ it a valuable resource for exam preparation.


  1. Language ​Barrier: The book is⁢ in Chinese,⁣ which may be a challenge for non-Chinese speakers​ looking‌ to prepare for the CET4 exam.
  2. Limited Availability: As an official flagship store product,​ the book may have limited distribution options compared‌ to‍ other study materials.


Q: Is this book only in Chinese or does it also include English explanations?
A: ⁣This book is ⁣primarily‍ in Chinese, as ‍it is targeted towards students ‍preparing ​for ‌the Chinese English Proficiency Test (CET) Level 4 exam. However, it does include some English explanations‌ for ⁢difficult concepts to ⁣aid in comprehension.

Q: How comprehensive is the analysis of‍ the past CET4 exam papers in​ this⁢ book?

A: We‍ found the analysis of the past CET4 exam papers in⁤ this book ⁣to be ⁤extremely⁤ thorough. It covers a⁤ wide range‍ of topics and question types,‍ providing detailed explanations and strategies for tackling each type of question.

Q: Does this book include practice ‍tests ​for ⁤students​ to test their knowledge?

A: Yes, this book includes practice tests‍ based on past CET4 exam papers,⁣ allowing students ⁢to test their knowledge and familiarize⁢ themselves with the format of the exam. It also includes answer keys and explanations for each practice test to help students understand where⁣ they ⁣went wrong.

Q: Is⁣ this book suitable ⁤for self-study or⁢ is it better used in a classroom setting with a teacher?

A: While this book can certainly be used for⁤ self-study, it is also suitable for ⁣use in a ​classroom setting‌ with a ‍teacher.⁢ The detailed explanations and strategies provided make it a valuable resource for ‍students looking to ⁤improve their English proficiency in preparation⁣ for the‍ CET4 exam.

Q: How up-to-date is the information in this book, considering‌ it was‌ published in 2019?

A: Despite being published‌ in 2019, the information in this book is still very relevant and up-to-date. The strategies and tips‍ provided are timeless and can be applied to any version of the CET4 exam. Additionally, the analysis of past exam papers remains valuable for students studying for the exam.

Reveal⁤ the Extraordinary

As we conclude ‍our⁢ in-depth exploration‍ of the 2019 CET4 Exam prep materials by⁣ New Oriental, we hope that our review has ‍shed light on⁣ the intricacies of this essential study resource. With its ⁣comprehensive coverage and insightful analysis, this book is a valuable companion for anyone preparing for the English proficiency test. Dive into the world of CET4 with confidence, armed with the knowledge and strategies provided​ in‍ this meticulously crafted​ guide.⁤

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