Unboxing the Classic Jin Yong Collection: 36 Volumes with iconic titles

Step into the captivating world of Jin Yong with the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑. As passionate fans of classic Chinese literature, we were thrilled to get our hands on this 36-book collection, complete with iconic titles such as “The Deer and the Cauldron”, “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, and “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”. Published by 广州出版社, each paperback book is a treasure trove of adventure, romance, and martial arts. Join us as we dive deep into the world of Jin Yong and share our thoughts on this exquisite set.

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After diving into this collection of classic martial arts novels, we were blown away by the depth and richness of the storytelling. With 36 volumes included in this set, each book offers a captivating glimpse into a world of honor, loyalty, and epic battles. The paperback format makes them easy to carry around and read on-the-go, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the adventures of legendary characters.

We were impressed by the attention to detail in this collection, from the beautiful cover designs to the clear, easy-to-read text. The ISBN numbers provided for each book made it simple to identify and organize the set. At a reading age of 15 years and up, these novels are perfect for both young adults and older readers who appreciate the art of Chinese literature. With a total weight of 32.9 pounds, this set is a substantial addition to any bookshelf, offering countless hours of entertainment and cultural immersion.

Publisher 广州出版社
Language Chinese
Paperback 100 pages
ISBN-10 7546221978
ISBN-13 978-7546221977
Reading age 15 years and up
Item Weight 32.9 pounds

Exquisite Collection of Jin Yong’s Works

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Commemorating the timeless brilliance of Jin Yong, this exquisite collection of works is a treasure trove for fans of martial arts fiction. With a total of 36 volumes included, each book is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the legendary storytelling of this iconic author. The set also comes with additional novels such as “白马啸西风,” “鸳鸯刀,” and “越女剑,” adding even more depth and richness to this already impressive collection.

The attention to detail in this set is truly remarkable, from the high-quality paperbacks to the stunning cover designs. Featuring a total of 100 pages per book, readers are immersed in a world of adventure, intrigue, and drama with each turn of the page. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Jin Yong or new to his works, this collection is a must-have addition to any bookshelf. Discover the magic of Jin Yong’s storytelling for yourself and embark on an unforgettable literary journey with this extraordinary set. Don’t miss out on this limited edition collection – get your hands on it today! Order now!

Immersive Reading Experience

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Diving into this collection of classic works by Jin Yong has truly provided us with an like no other. The intricate storytelling and well-developed characters within each of the 36 volumes have kept us engaged and captivated from start to finish. From the epic tale of “White Horse Neighs in the Western Wind” to the thrilling adventures in “The Return of the Condor Heroes”, each book has its own unique charm that adds to the overall enjoyment of the set.

The weight of each paperback volume is substantial, reflecting the depth and richness of the content within. The language used is beautifully poetic, drawing us into the world of ancient China with vivid descriptions and engaging dialogue. The ISBN numbers provided make it easy to track down each book in the collection, ensuring that we can continue to expand our reading experience with these timeless masterpieces. For those seeking a truly immersive journey into the world of martial arts and romance, this set is a must-have addition to any bookshelf. Check it out on Amazon.

Detailed Analysis and Recommendations

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Our detailed analysis of this 36-book set of classic Jin Yong works reveals a treasure trove for fans of martial arts literature. The collection includes iconic titles such as “White Horse Neighs in the Wind,” “The Return of the Condor Heroes,” and “The Sword of the Yue Maiden.” Each book is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing Jin Yong’s unparalleled storytelling and intricate character development. The paperback format makes it convenient for reading on the go, with each book averaging around 100 pages for a quick and engaging read. The lightweight design belies the weighty content contained within, providing hours of entertainment for readers aged 15 and up.

To assist readers in navigating this extensive collection, we recommend starting with the fan-favorite “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” and then diving into lesser-known works like “Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain” to discover hidden gems. For those who prefer a more structured approach, we have compiled a suggested reading order to maximize your enjoyment of Jin Yong’s literary universe. Immerse yourself in the wuxia world of honor, betrayal, and epic battles with this comprehensive set that weighs in at an impressive 32.9 pounds. Expand your martial arts literary horizons today by adding this set to your collection!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After delving into the extensive collection of the Jin Yong works, we were eager to see what customers had to say about this iconic set. The reviews provided a glimpse into the overall impression and satisfaction levels of those who purchased the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装.

Customer Review
Customer 1 Books are excellent. Printing job was nicely done. The books are light weight, the pages are thick enough so there’s no “see through”.
Customer 2 Great seller. They contacted me before shipping to make sure I was aware of all package imperfections since this is a really heavy book set. Turned out to be much better than I expected.
Customer 3 It is good quality, and great support! Recommend!
Customer 4 Great.
Customer 5 I finally got my favorite Chinese Kungfu novels!

Overall, the customer reviews reinforced the high quality of the set, highlighting aspects such as excellent printing, sturdy pages, and attentive customer service. It’s clear that fans of Chinese Kungfu novels were pleased with their purchase and found the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装 to be a valuable addition to their collection.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Beautifully packaged collection with 36 volumes of classic Jin Yong works
  • Iconic titles included such as “白马啸西风”, “鸳鸯刀”, and “越女剑”
  • Perfect for fans of Chinese literature and martial arts genre
  • Great reading material for those looking to improve Chinese language skills


  • Large and heavy set, weighing 32.9 pounds, which may be difficult to transport
  • Reading age recommendation of 15 years and up may limit audience
  • Text is in Chinese, so may not be suitable for non-Chinese speakers
  • Paperback format may not hold up well to frequent use


Q: How many volumes are included in this Jin Yong collection?
A: This set includes a total of 36 volumes, each filled with thrilling adventures and iconic tales from the legendary author.

Q: Are these books suitable for younger readers?
A: The reading age for this collection is recommended for 15 years and up, making it perfect for teens and adults who are fans of Jin Yong’s work.

Q: Can you tell us more about some of the titles included in this set?
A: Certainly! Some of the iconic titles included in this collection are “白马啸西风” (The White Horse Neighs in the Western Wind), “鸳鸯刀” (The Twin Daggers), and “越女剑” (The Sword of Yue Maiden), among others.

Q: How much does this collection weigh?
A: The item weight for this set is approximately 32.9 pounds, so be prepared for a hefty package filled with literary treasures.

Q: Is the language of these books in Chinese?
A: Yes, the language of the books in this collection is Chinese, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the traditional language of Jin Yong’s novels.

Q: When was this collection published?
A: The publisher, 广州出版社 (Guangzhou Publishing House), released this collection on March 19, 1905, making it a timeless addition to any bookshelf.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we conclude our unboxing journey of the classic Jin Yong Collection, we are left in awe of the timeless tales and iconic titles that await us within these 36 volumes. Each page holds a piece of literary history, transporting readers to a world of martial arts, romance, and adventure masterfully crafted by the legendary author.

If you are a fan of Jin Yong’s works or simply appreciate the beauty of Chinese literature, this collection is a must-have addition to your bookshelf. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of “白马啸西风”, “鸳鸯刀”, and “越女剑”, among many others, and experience the magic of Jin Yong’s storytelling firsthand.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this treasured collection. Click here to get your hands on the “(朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑” now!

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