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Welcome to our latest review on the iconic television series, S.W.A.T. – The Complete ​Series. As self-proclaimed aficionados of action-packed police dramas, we were thrilled to ‌get our hands on this brand new DVD set. This ⁢series follows the intense missions of the W.C.P.D.’s Special Weapons and‍ Tactics team, a group of elite officers trained ⁣to take down‍ the most dangerous criminals in high-risk situations. With stars like Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, and Rod Perry leading the⁢ charge, we were eager to dive into this thrilling world of crime-fighting and adrenaline-pumping action. Join us as we take a closer look at this must-have DVD collection, still sealed in ⁤its original packaging, and uncover all the reasons why S.W.A.T. – The Complete Series belongs in your personal entertainment​ arsenal.

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Step into the action-packed world of the W.C.P.D.’s Special Weapons and Tactics team with this complete series on DVD. Join us as we follow a‍ group of ‍highly trained⁤ and heavily armed ‍police officers on their missions to take down armed and dangerous⁤ criminals in sensitive and defensible locations. The series promises non-stop excitement ⁤and adrenaline-pumping thrills.

With top-notch performances from stars like ⁣Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, and Rod Perry, each episode will‍ have you on the edge of your seat. The DVD format ensures that you can enjoy ⁣the action-packed adventures of the S.W.A.T. team from the comfort of ‍your own home. Plus, with​ the ⁣brand new, never-opened packaging, you’ll feel like⁢ you’re experiencing the thrill of the series for the first time.

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Exciting Action-packed Series

Looking for an adrenaline-pumping series⁣ that will keep you on the edge of your ​seat? Look no further than this action-packed gem. Follow the W.C.P.D.’s Special Weapons and Tactics ⁤team as they take on dangerous criminals in high-stake missions. With a team of highly⁣ trained‍ and heavily armed police ⁣officers at the helm, each episode is‌ filled with heart-stopping action and⁣ intense showdowns.

The complete series DVD ‌set comes in pristine condition, still sealed​ in its original packaging. Featuring stars like Steve Forrest, Robert ‍Urich, and Rod ​Perry, this series is a must-have for any action enthusiast. Don’t miss out on the excitement ⁢- grab your copy‍ today and immerse yourself in the thrilling ⁤world of S.W.A.T.! Click ‌here to get your hands on this electrifying ⁤series.

In-depth Analysis and Insights

Exploring the world of the fictional ‌W.C.P.D.’s Special Weapons and Tactics team through the complete series DVD set was ​a thrilling experience ‍for us. The missions depicted⁤ in the series are portrayed‌ vividly, highlighting the team of highly trained and heavily armed police officers as they navigate ‍through sensitive situations and defensible locations. Each episode is​ packed with action, suspense, and fast-paced sequences‌ that keep viewers on the edge of‌ their seats.

With the DVD set being brand ‌new and‍ sealed in its original‌ shrink wrap, we were impressed by the quality of the packaging.‍ The Region Code 1 accessibility makes it convenient for viewers in the US and Canada⁢ to ⁤enjoy the stellar performances‌ of stars like Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, and Rod Perry. Overall, S.W.A.T. – The⁤ Complete Series⁣ is a ‍must-have for fans of crime dramas and action-packed thriller series.‌ Don’t miss out on​ the opportunity to⁢ own this ‌exciting ‍collection!

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Recommendations and Final Thoughts


After watching the complete series of S.W.A.T., we highly recommend this ‍DVD set to any fan of⁢ action-packed police procedural​ dramas. The show features intense missions, high-stakes situations, and a talented cast that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout every episode.

Final Thoughts

With top-notch performances from stars like Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, and Rod Perry, this series is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a combination of adrenaline-pumping⁣ action and gripping storytelling.‌ Get your hands​ on this brand‍ new DVD‌ set now and experience‍ the thrilling world of the W.C.P.D.’s Special ⁢Weapons and Tactics⁢ team for yourself!

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Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ‌customer reviews for S.W.A.T. – The Complete Series DVD, we found that the ⁣majority of viewers were impressed with the classic 70’s police drama portrayed in the series. Many customers expressed their excitement in being able to relive the action-packed episodes of​ S.W.A.T. Retired law enforcement officers particularly appreciated the authenticity and accuracy of the show’s depiction of police⁣ work.

Positive Reviews

Review Summary
“Relive 70′ classic police drama!” Customers loved revisiting the thrilling world of S.W.A.T. and praised the series for its realistic portrayal of law enforcement.

Overall, the‌ positive reviews for S.W.A.T. – The Complete Series⁢ DVD highlight the timeless appeal of the classic police drama and the entertainment value it continues to offer decades later.

We recommend this DVD set to fans of ⁣police procedural shows and​ those nostalgic for the⁤ golden age of television.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Exciting action-packed ⁢episodes
  • Great performances by the‍ cast members
  • Highly entertaining for fans‌ of police dramas
  • Brand new and sealed⁢ for quality assurance


  • May not appeal to viewers‌ who are not fans of⁢ police procedurals
  • Some episodes may ‌feel dated due to the show’s‍ era of production
  • Region code limited ⁢to ​US and Canada


Q: Is⁢ this DVD set brand new or used?
A: The ⁣S.W.A.T. -⁢ The Complete Series DVD is brand new ⁣and has never been ⁣opened or removed ⁢from the manufacturer’s‍ sealing. It is still in⁤ its original⁢ shrink wrap, ensuring​ that you are getting a fresh and untouched product.

Q: Is ​this DVD set compatible with⁤ players in the US and Canada?
A: Yes, this DVD set is formatted for ​Region Code 1, which means‌ it is compatible ⁢with players in the US and Canada.

Q: Can you tell us more about the stars of the series?
A: The series⁤ features talented ⁢actors such‌ as Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, and ‍Rod Perry. These stars bring the characters to life and make the action-packed episodes even more thrilling to watch.

Q: What can we expect from the missions of ‍the ‌S.W.A.T. team?
A: The fictional‍ W.C.P.D.’s Special ‌Weapons and ⁤Tactics team is dedicated to taking down armed⁢ and dangerous criminals in high-stakes situations. Get ready for coordinated assaults, intense action, and suspenseful moments as they navigate defensible locations⁣ and handle sensitive missions.

Discover the Power

In conclusion, after thoroughly reviewing the S.W.A.T. – The Complete Series DVD, we can confidently say that this action-packed series is a must-have for​ any fan of crime dramas or police procedurals. With a stellar cast and intense storylines, this ⁣DVD set is sure to⁣ keep you on the edge of your seat throughout all seven seasons. Don’t miss out on the opportunity⁣ to own this⁢ brand new, unopened box set for yourself!

If you’re⁤ ready to ‌add S.W.A.T. – The Complete Series to your DVD collection, click here to make your purchase now: Buy Now!

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