Deliciously Sweet Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea: A Floral Fruit Infusion

Welcome to our product review blog! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience ⁣with the Guiyuan red jujube⁢ Lycium barbarum⁣ tea 130g combination‍ of flower and ⁤tea fruit tea⁤ in bags 桂圆红枣枸杞茶130g. This unique tea‍ blend combines the delicious flavors of dry longan, red dates, and red ‍goji berries, creating a sweet and refreshing taste that will surely delight your senses.

One of the standout features of this tea is‍ the independent small ⁢packaging design. Each bag contains just the right ‌amount of tea, making ‍it convenient to enjoy anytime, anywhere. The small bag also ⁢comes with rock sugar, allowing you to adjust the taste according to your ⁢preference and create a perfectly sweet and delicious cup of tea.

The dry longan ‌used in this tea is not only sweet but also carries a delightful fragrance. The ‌red dates are carefully picked and clean, ensuring⁤ a high-quality tea experience. Additionally, the red goji ​berries are large, adding a burst of flavor to each sip.

To brew this⁤ tea, simply take a bag and place it in a cup. Pour ⁢boiling water over it⁢ and let it​ steep for 5 minutes. Within moments,⁤ you ‌will be⁤ greeted with a fragrant ‍aroma‌ and a cup of flavorful tea that is both soothing ⁢and invigorating.

In conclusion, the Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum tea 130g⁣ combination of flower ‍and tea fruit ⁢tea in bags 桂圆红枣枸杞茶130g is​ a delightful tea blend that offers a sweet and refreshing taste. With its independent packaging design ‍and easy brewing ​method, it​ is a convenient⁤ choice for tea lovers on the go. Give it a try⁤ and experience the delicious ​flavors for yourself. Cheers!

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Overview ‌of Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum tea 130g⁢ combination‌ of flower and tea fruit tea in bags

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In our opinion, the Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum ‍tea 130g combination of flower⁣ and tea fruit tea in ⁢bags is a delightful and convenient choice for tea lovers. The combination of⁤ dry longan, sweet ⁢red dates, and​ large red goji berries creates a ⁤unique and flavorful blend. We ⁤appreciate the use of rock sugar in each small bag to enhance the sweetness of the ⁣tea. The independent small packaging design allows⁢ for easy enjoyment of this delicious​ tea anytime and ‍anywhere.

Not only does this tea offer a delicious taste, but it‌ also provides⁢ a refreshing experience. Brewing this ⁢tea is simple and ‍quick. Just place a ‌bag in your cup, pour boiling water over it, and let it steep for 5 minutes. The resulting infusion is a sweet and refreshing beverage that is perfect ​for any time‌ of ‌the day.

If you’re a tea enthusiast ‍looking ⁢for a flavorful and ⁢convenient⁣ option, we highly​ recommend trying the Guiyuan ⁢red jujube Lycium barbarum tea 130g combination⁣ of flower and tea fruit tea⁢ in bags. Give it a try and experience‌ the delightful taste and convenience for yourself. You ⁢can find this product ⁣on Amazon⁤ by clicking here.

Highlighting the unique features and benefits of Guiyuan red ⁣jujube Lycium barbarum tea

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Our Guiyuan red jujube Lycium⁢ barbarum ​tea is a perfect combination of flower ⁤and ⁤tea fruit, offering a delightful and aromatic blend that will captivate ‍your senses. Let’s delve into the unique‍ features and benefits of this ‍exquisite tea:

  1. Dry‌ longan: Our tea is ⁤infused with dry longan,​ which adds a sweet and refreshing flavor to each⁤ sip. It’s not greasy and ⁣perfectly balances the overall taste of the tea.

  2. Picked red dates: We ⁢carefully select ⁢only the finest red‍ dates, ensuring a clean and pure flavor profile. These red dates impart a ‍natural sweetness, enhancing the‍ overall taste of the tea.

  3. Red goji berries: Our ‌tea is enriched with large red⁢ goji berries, known for their antioxidant properties. These berries not only add a ⁣burst of flavor but also provide numerous health benefits.

  4. Individual packaging with ⁢rock sugar: Each small bag is thoughtfully‍ designed ‌to offer convenience and freshness. It⁢ contains rock sugar, ‍allowing you to ‌adjust the taste according to​ your preference. This​ ensures that⁢ every ​cup of tea is perfectly sweet and delicious.

With its independent small packaging design, you can enjoy this delightful tea anytime,⁤ anywhere. Simply take a bag, place it in a‍ cup, pour⁣ boiling water, ​and⁣ let it steep for 5 minutes. The ⁤result⁢ is a sweet and refreshing tea⁤ that will uplift your spirits and soothe your⁢ senses. Don’t miss out on this amazing tea experience – ⁣try our Guiyuan ‌red jujube Lycium barbarum tea today!

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In-depth insights into the taste, aroma, and health benefits of ‍this special tea blend

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In this review, we’re going to ​delve into the fascinating world of the Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum tea. This special tea blend ‍offers‌ a delightful combination⁤ of flavors and a ​range of health benefits. Let’s explore the taste, aroma, and ⁣the reasons ⁣why this tea is a fantastic addition to your daily routine.

When it comes to⁤ taste, the Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum tea delivers a sweet and refreshing flavor profile. ⁤The dry longan adds a subtle sweetness that is not greasy but instead ⁣fragrant and delicious. ‌The red dates are picked meticulously, ensuring ⁣a clean and pure taste. Additionally, the red goji berries in this tea are ⁢large and‌ bursting⁤ with flavor. To enhance the sweetness, each small bag is thoughtfully packed with rock​ sugar. This adjustment creates a ⁣perfect balance, making the tea taste sweet ⁤and absolutely delightful.

Aside from its ⁤delectable taste, this tea also offers numerous health benefits. The red jujube and goji‌ berries‍ are packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients. These ‍ingredients have been ⁢used in traditional Chinese medicine‍ for centuries to promote overall well-being. The Guiyuan red⁣ jujube Lycium‌ barbarum tea is a convenient ​way ‍to incorporate these⁢ health-boosting ⁤ingredients into your daily routine.

If you’re searching for a tea blend that⁣ combines delicious⁤ flavors and health benefits, look no further than the Guiyuan red jujube⁤ Lycium barbarum tea. ‍Experience the sweet and refreshing taste for ⁢yourself by clicking here ​to ⁢get⁣ your​ own pack ‍from Amazon.

Specific recommendations for enjoying the Guiyuan ‌red jujube ⁢Lycium barbarum tea experience

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  1. Brewing method: To‍ fully savor the‍ flavors of this exquisite tea blend, we recommend⁤ following ​these‍ steps:

    • Take a bag of⁣ Guiyuan red jujube Lycium barbarum tea and place it in a cup.
    • Pour boiling water over the tea bag and let it steep for 5 minutes.
    • After⁢ the steeping ⁢time, your tea⁢ is ready to ⁣be enjoyed!

  2. Personalize your‍ tea experience:

    • Adjust ​the sweetness to your‍ liking by adding ⁤more or less ⁤rock sugar from the individual packaging included⁢ in each small bag.
    • Experiment with the brewing⁣ time‌ to find your preferred strength. If​ you enjoy a more robust‍ flavor, let the tea steep for a few additional​ minutes.

  3. Anytime, anywhere enjoyment: With the convenient independent small packaging design, you⁤ can take a bag of Guiyuan red jujube Lycium ‍barbarum tea with you on the go. Whether you’re at work, traveling, or simply relaxing at home,⁤ you can indulge in the sweet and refreshing taste of this tea blend effortlessly.

  4. Enhance your tea experience:

    • Pair this ⁤tea with your favorite ‍snacks‍ or desserts to create a delightful combination of‍ flavors.
    • Create a calming ambiance while you enjoy your tea by playing soft⁣ music, lighting ⁣scented candles, or finding a peaceful spot to⁢ unwind.

Immerse⁢ yourself⁤ in the delightful flavors of Guiyuan red jujube Lycium ‌barbarum tea ‍and experience the ultimate relaxation. Try it now by clicking here:‍ [Call to Action]

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the Guiyuan Red Jujube​ Lycium Barbarum Tea, we⁢ found ⁤a mix of ‍positive ⁤and negative feedback. Let’s dive into the details.

“Deliciously Sweet and Fruity Flavor”

One ⁢customer⁢ initially had doubts about the ⁣tea ⁢but ended up loving its fruity‍ flavor. They even added honey to enhance the taste, which ​they found great. This positive ⁤feedback highlights the deliciousness of the tea and its potential as a sweet and enjoyable beverage.

Potential Vision ‍Benefits?

A curious customer‍ purchased this tea ‌due to claims that lycium​ barbarum could potentially ​help with vision problems. Although skeptical, they⁢ believed it couldn’t​ hurt to try. ‍If the tea doesn’t improve their vision,‌ at least it tastes great. This shows that some customers are⁤ interested in the potential health benefits‌ associated with​ the tea.

A⁢ Versatile and Recommended Tea

Another customer loved the ⁤taste of the tea, ⁣especially after the jujubes had softened. They recommend this‍ tea​ to anyone who​ enjoys flavorful⁤ tea with some added health benefits. ​This positive⁣ review highlights the versatility and overall⁤ satisfaction with the product.

Displeased by Appearance ⁢and Taste

Unfortunately, not all customers were‌ satisfied. One customer expressed disappointment with the product, claiming ‍that it didn’t resemble the picture and they‍ would never purchase it again. Additionally, they found the⁢ taste to be plain and tasteless. Despite⁤ this negative ⁣feedback, it’s important to note ⁢that everyone’s taste preferences ‍differ.

Pleased with Packaging and Taste

On a positive note, a customer complimented the product on its smooth taste and⁤ elegant tin box packaging. They were overall satisfied with⁣ the product, indicating that it lived up to their expectations. This positive review emphasizes the quality packaging and taste⁣ of ‍the tea.

Fast Delivery⁤ and Good Condition

Another customer was pleased with the fast delivery and careful‌ packaging, ⁢stating that‌ the tea arrived in good condition. ‌The positive note on delivery⁣ and condition assures⁣ potential buyers that the product ⁤is handled with care.

Additional Feedback

Some customers mentioned that they would have preferred more sugar in the tea, indicating a desire for a sweeter taste. Another customer found the ⁢taste a little bland and⁣ expected it to be stronger. These feedback points show individual preferences and expectations ‌regarding the tea’s taste.


Overall,‍ the Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea received mixed‌ reviews. Customers praised its delicious fruity flavor and potential health benefits, such⁣ as vision correction. Positive comments about taste, ‌packaging, and fast⁢ delivery were⁣ also mentioned. However, some customers expressed disappointment ‍over‌ the appearance, taste, and pricing of the product. It is important to consider individual tastes and preferences when⁣ deciding whether to purchase this ‌tea.

Pros & Cons


  1. The combination of Guiyuan red jujube, Lycium barbarum, and other floral ingredients creates a deliciously sweet and refreshing fruit infusion.
  2. The small packaging design of individual ⁣tea bags allows for convenient and on-the-go ​enjoyment.
  3. The addition of rock‍ sugar in each bag helps to enhance the overall taste and sweetness of the tea.
  4. The dry longan, red dates, and goji ‍berries used in the tea are of‍ high‍ quality⁣ and have a clean and fragrant flavor.
  5. The tea is easy to⁣ brew​ and can be enjoyed within​ just 5 minutes.


  1. The‍ specific measurements and ​brewing instructions for the tea are not provided, which may result in inconsistency ​in taste for some individuals.
  2. The product may be slightly pricier compared ‍to other types of ​fruit tea on⁢ the market.
  3. Some individuals may find the taste of ​the tea to be too sweet, especially with ‍the addition of rock ‍sugar.
  4. The packaging dimensions may be slightly larger than desired for those with limited storage space.
  5. The brand may not be as well-known or established compared ‌to other tea brands, which could affect consumer ⁢trust and confidence in the product.


Q: What are ‍the dimensions and weight of‌ the Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea?

A: The Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea comes in a ⁣package with dimensions of‌ 5.55⁢ x 3.74 x 3.43 inches and weighs approximately 4.59 ounces.

Q: How would ⁣you describe the⁣ taste ​of this ​tea?

A: The Guiyuan ​Red Jujube Lycium ⁣Barbarum Tea is sweet‌ and refreshing, with a‌ lovely floral flavor. It has the perfect balance of sweetness from​ the red dates and rock sugar, making it a⁢ delightfully delicious infusion.

Q: Can you tell me more about the ingredients in this tea?

A: The Guiyuan‌ Red Jujube Lycium‌ Barbarum Tea ⁤features a ‌combination ‌of dried longan,‌ sweet red dates,​ and large red goji berries. These high-quality ingredients create a flavorful and aromatic tea that is both satisfying ⁢and nourishing.

Q: Does this tea come in individual ⁤bags?

A: Yes, the ‌Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea comes ‍in ⁤independent small packaging. Each bag contains the perfect amount of tea for​ one serving, allowing you to enjoy its delightful taste anytime, ​anywhere.

Q: How do I brew⁤ this⁢ tea?

A: Brewing the Guiyuan Red​ Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea is simple. Just take one bag and⁣ place it in a cup. Pour boiling water into the cup and let it steep for about⁣ 5 minutes. Then, sit back, relax, and savor the sweet ​and refreshing​ flavors of this delightful floral fruit infusion.

Q: Is this tea suitable⁢ for any time of the day?

A: Absolutely! The⁤ Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea​ is a⁢ versatile beverage that‍ can be enjoyed at any‌ time of the day. ⁢Whether you’re starting your morning, taking‌ a ⁣break in‌ the afternoon,‌ or winding down in the evening, this tea is ​the perfect companion for a ⁣moment of relaxation and indulgence.

Q: Is⁢ this ​tea ⁣from a reputable manufacturer?

A: ⁤Yes, the Guiyuan Red Jujube ⁢Lycium Barbarum Tea is⁣ produced by 芜湖市徽福茶业有限公司, a trusted and‍ renowned ‌manufacturer. They⁢ prioritize the quality and taste of their ‌products, ensuring⁤ that⁢ every cup of tea brings a delightful experience.

Q: Can I⁣ adjust the sweetness of this tea?

A: Each bag of the Guiyuan Red⁤ Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea is thoughtfully⁤ equipped with rock‍ sugar. This allows you to adjust the ​sweetness according to‍ your preference, making the tea taste even more personalized and enjoyable.‌

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And‌ there you have it,⁤ our delightful⁢ journey ​through the world⁤ of ⁣Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea: A Floral Fruit Infusion. We’ve savored every sip and explored the intricate flavors this ‌tea has to offer.

From the dry longan that ‌brings a⁢ subtle sweetness without overpowering‌ the palate, to the perfectly picked red dates that lend a clean and refreshing taste, and not to‌ forget the plump red goji berries that add a burst of ​flavor, this tea ⁢is truly a treat‍ for the‍ senses.

We love how each small ‌bag comes with rock sugar, allowing us to customize the sweetness ‍to our liking. The thoughtful independent packaging design ensures that we can enjoy a cup of this delicious tea anytime,⁤ anywhere.

Brewing this tea is a breeze. Simply steep a bag in boiling water for 5 ⁢minutes, and‍ voila! ⁣A sweet and refreshing infusion is ready to be enjoyed.

If you’re as captivated by the allure of Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea as we are, why not experience it for yourself? Click here to get ⁣your own taste of this exquisite tea: Amazon Product Link.

Indulge⁣ in the perfect balance of floral notes and fruity ‌sweetness with Guiyuan Red Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea. Cheers to ‍a delightful tea experience!

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